Easypay Canadian Payroll Software (Canada)
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Our Company
Easypay is a Canadian Company
Easypay provides thousands of Canadian businesses with superior stand-alone payroll software. We specialize in payroll - it is our only product.
Since 1985
The staff at Easypay prides itself on producing the most reliable Canadian payroll software available. We have been in business for over 30 years - a testament to our stability as a company and the quality of our products.
Customer Support
Easypay provides Hotline telephone support for advice and assistance.
Our technical experts are always as close as the nearest telephone.
Easy to Use
Our software design is easy to use, offers flexibility and provides many powerful features. Ideal for most small to medium-sized Canadian businesses, Easypay Payroll runs on any standard Windows PC.
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Payroll software for small and medium-sized businesses in Canada.