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Easypay Customizer Version 2

The Customizer is an optional product that integrates into Easypay Payroll to provide enhanced payroll functionality.

The demo version, user's guide and import file specifications can be downloaded from this page.

If you would like to purchase the full version of the Customizer, please contact us.
Timecard Import: The most popular feature is the ability to interface Easypay with external time clock software. Many electronic time clocks interface to Easypay. Please check with your time clock vendor to confirm that their software can be configured to interface with Easypay.

Employee Import: The Customizer allows you to update or create Easypay employee records by importing employee information from external systems.

Export Data / Custom Reports: You can export data from Easypay or create custom reports based on your selection of Easypay files and data fields. ASCII data files can be generated and then imported by a spreadsheet, word processor or other software application.

Enhanced Click-n-Pick Report: The Customizer adds an extra option to the Click-n-Pick report generator that allows you to include departmental costing data in Click-n-Pick reports.
User's Guide and File Specifications
Adobe PDF file Customizer User's Guide ver. 2.0 372 KB
Adobe PDF file Timecard Import File Specifications 30 KB
Adobe PDF file Employee Import File Specifications 45 KB
These are PDF files. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them.
Demo download and installation
Please note:
  • Easypay Version 2 must already be installed in order to run the Customizer 2.0 demo.
  • The demo version of the Customizer Module has some limitations. A list is available here.
Download and installation:
  1. Download the file epcusv2d.exe (410 KB) to your hard drive.

    The next two steps will install the demo...

  2. Click the Windows Start button and then click Run. Then type: C:\foldername\epcusv2d.exe
    (C: represents your hard drive and foldername is the folder into which you downloaded the file. Change the 'C' if your hard drive is represented by another letter.)
    Click OK.

  3. You should now see the Easypay Customizer 2.0 Installation window. Follow the instructions on your screen. Please note: The Customizer must be installed in the same program folder as Easypay Version 2 (the installation program will default to the correct folder).
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